Strategies` development

Communications strategy

Okay, Google, DSTRCT, the secret of successful communication is...a correct tone of voice, a clearly worded message and an appropriate communication platform.

Creative strategies

Creativity is magic. The result of this magic is a sincere admiration for your product and customer loyalty.

Digital strategies

You ask what we do “on those Internet”? We are responsible for the image of your company on all digital platforms.

PR strategies

We carry out educational work with your brand so that it behaves well in the information space. In addition, we help itwith that.



What is an idea? The answer to this question can be given only by ancient philosophers and pros of our creative department.

Video and photo production

Cut! Content with thousands of likes and millions of views is ready to work for your brand.


From the logo - to souvenirs, from colors - to the design of the site.Your company will admitted as company which will different from thousands.


Our design can be seen in social networks, subway, the largest shopping malls, etc. And behind each of them there is an understanding of the true needs of the consumer.


Media digital advertising

The professional mantra of our media professionals is: "Any creative needs an effective СTR at the optimal CPM".Ohm! 


Our content and accurate targeting not only gives maximum coverage, but also falls directly into the heart of the target audience.

Influencers` marketing

Don't forget to click on the bell to check out the new advertising collabs of our clients with the best bloggers.


- Why do I see this mailing? - Because it was made by DSTRCT, and it's really cool.


Advertising, digital, DSTRCT, communication agency and even more keywords to promote our site and your brand to the TOP.


<script-dstrct="weare-thebest" style="dstrct and web;"><web ad dstrct="sites" landings=""></web><dstrct and Well, in general, encode your site for success.