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Looking for inspiration? You're here😎

In the head and telegram channel (Muzli) of our creatives, the works of the coolest artists from all over the planet are stewed. We asked him a few and talk today about Tammy Kuker. 

A Dallas-based photographer and designer of Nigerian descent, the founder of a creative studio and one of seven artists who became a resident of Adobe Creative in 2018.

One of Tammy's most famous projects is "A Poster A Day", the purpose of which was to create posters every day throughout the year. Kuker says it has helped him discipline himself, learn new tools in Photoshop, and track the development of his skills.

Tammy works with different brands, because he is sure that each of them is special. His piggy bank already has jobs for Apple, Google, HBO, Facebook, etc.

Kuker's special style is based on contrasts - black and white portraits are combined with bright surreal illustrations. The designer explains this by his cultural origins (he was born and raised in Nigeria, whose culture is rich in bright elements, patterns, a mix of various artistic styles) and the desire to draw attention to objects through color.

Our creative director calls his work a real art collage. So who are we to disagree with him!

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Figure of the month: 55% of people over the age of 12 in the USA listen to podcasts at least once a week😳  (*Infinite Dial 2020 study)

We bet, very soon the coverage of podcasts will bypass video bloggers-millionaires. Why? Because the format of the audio show is more convenient than video content. It penetrates the whole human space — you can be driving, cooking, walking a dog or yourself, and listening to podcasts at the same time.

Advertisers greatly appreciate this point of contact.

Back in 2018, American companies spent $ 497 million on advertising in podcasts. This demand is explained by a study of consumer behavior. For example, advertising in business podcasts increases the consumer's intention to buy the advertised product by 14%  💸(*Music Oomph research).

55% of podcast listeners in the USA listen carefully to advertising, which is 10% more compared to radio advertising. Most simply do not miss it, because it is usually interestingly integrated and read by the presenter (*Business Insider research).

If we talk about podcast platforms that are in demand all over the world, then the most popular areApple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, Castbox, Overcast.

Podcasting is already becoming a trend in Ukraine, so we will follow the market and prepare new advertising integrations😎

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Whoa, we have wow-news ⚡

New client in our area - ANC Pharmacy. 

For so many years now, this network of pharmacies has been worried about you. So now it's our turn to take care of it, but in advertising realities.

Wait for viral but safe cases😎  and take care of yourself 💜

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Happy Easter!

Let all Easter cakes be the most fragrant, Easter eggs – the most beautiful, and the houses – the most comfortable. On The Day of Bright Easter, we wish all of us good health and lightness at heart. After all, this is how we will be able to better wait out these difficult times in order to see again soon and rejoice in this warm meeting.

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Battle of apps: Instagram has launched the rival of TikTok 🔥

 A new app Reels has been recently announced in more than 50 countries. It allows users to create and share short videos lasting 15 seconds.

It’s possible to supplement a video with a musical series or other sounds. Just as TikTok, Reels offers a set of basic video editing features, such as a countdown timer and tools to adjust video speed.

So let’s do a good test drive and define which one is stronger 💪