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Агентство дістрікт. Кейс АНЦ. Головний віжуал. Головні герої. Щастя - це турбота про кожного

ANC is...

ANC is a chain of low-cost pharmacies. "ANC Pharmacy", "Kopiyka Pharmacy" and "Shar@ Pharmacy" - the leaders of pharmaceutical retail market, having in its stock more than 900 store in 130 cities and servicing more than a million customers every year.

Furthermore, ANC is one of the most modern pharmacy chains in Ukraine, implementing the latest innovations for the comfort of their customers. Thus, in order to speed up the service process, ANC uses a robotic supply of goods, meanwhile their salesrooms are equipped with tablets for quick ordering.

No doubts, today ANC is a progressive pharmacy in matters of quality service and technical innovations.

However, the company hasn’t been daring to update their communication for a long time. The slogan of ANC chain "Solutions to big and small problems" along with the famous image of a young woman and a girl, wearing doctors' suits, has not changed for 10 years. But finally it’s a high time for "big and small" image changes, as well as for new communication strategy.

Brand (re)Vision

In order to get to know ANC brand better, our team carefully studied all the processes of this pharmacy chain. After a while we made sure how much they care about health, comfort and benefit of their customers. That's really cool, because care is that very thing, that each of us wants to feel during a visit to the pharmacy. Therefore, we decided to set up the new communication strategy on the basis of the relevant brand archetype - "Caring".

New Strategy

The definition of the archetype helped us to embody the values ​​of ANC brand in its communication. Thus, the feeling of care is transmitted in all its aspects:

  • For a more effortless communication between pharmacy and its customer, we’ve chosen a relevant tone of voice - friendly and open.
  • Even more, we've also developed new and noticeable communication message for ANC - #turbobenefit. Thus, we inform about lots of turbo-offers for ANC customers, as well as emphasize turbo-prompt service of the pharmacy chain.
  • In addition, depending on a certain month, ANC uses new creative messages in brand communication. They help to highlight one or another season according to a particular holiday or special offers for clients: "Love Station" in February, "Attention, spring is coming!" in March, and “Beauty Station” for communication in April.

Агентство дістрікт. Кейс АНЦ. зображення `після` ребрендингу. Турбота про великих і малих.
Агентство дістрікт. Кейс АНЦ. зображення `до` ребрендингу. Рішення великих та малих проблем.


We’re glad that as a result of our cooperation new faces have appeared in the family of ANC brand characters.

Working on main characters (woman and girl) rebranding, first of all we focused on a visual style. In order to convey the emotions of care and warmth, we decided to choose cartoonish style. This is how the author's graphic illustration was created - a unique one, fast readout, and seems like bringing to a childhood.

Агентство дістрікт. Кейс АНЦ. Головні герої. Ребрендинг персонажів.
Агентство дістрікт. Кейс АНЦ. Персонаж робот. Роботизована аптека.

ANC is a caring assistant not only regarding medicines, but also relating to hygiene and beauty. In order to remind customers of these product categories, we’ve created additional characters. For example, our illustrated face cream points to "Beauty and Care" section, as well as the toothbrush indicates "Daily Hygiene".


To create a single branding style, we developed detailed guidelines, illustrating several positions of all the characters’ bodies, as well as all necessary colors for printing and working with multimedia devices. In future that will help optimize work of designers and animators, who will create visual materials based on these characters.

Агентство дістрікт. Кейс АНЦ. Гайдлайни. Брендбук. Персонажі.

Animated videos

ANC pharmacy has a dream: to make the world kinder. That’s why our brand characters are getting closer to this dream in small steps - or rather short animated videos. Each story tells of a certain lifehack on how to take care of each other.

Sticker Set

Wow! Catch a new sticker pack for your laptop! We prepare a new batch of stickers for ANC clients every month. You can get them at the nearest pharmacy of the brand. Use and be healthy!

Wow! Catch a new sticker pack for your laptop!

We prepare a new batch of stickers for ANC clients every month. You can get them at the nearest pharmacy of the brand. Use and be healthy!

laptop sticker-1 sticker-2 sticker-3 sticker-4 sticker-5 sticker-6 sticker-7 sticker-8 sticker-9
Агенство дістрікт. Кейс АНЦ. Друковані стікери. Стікерпак. Журнали.



Strategy Director - Yana Raputa

Creative Director - Oleksii Polishchuk

Account Director - Anna Mantrova

Art Director - Bohdan Shpak

Account Manager - Alena Andreeva

Designer - Dana Bielousova

Designer - Julia Zadorozhna

Copywriter - Kateryna Sukholitko

Junior Strategist - Liza Yavorska


СЕО - Mykola Shcherbyna

Advertising Director -
Tetiana Skotarenko

Marketing Director -
Vyacheslav Sauts

Advertising Manager -
Olena Onyshchenko

Designer - Ksenia Popova

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